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Organisational Structure

Brno City Municipality

Departments under the Mayor of Brno and the Chief Executive Director

Mayor´s Office

  • Ensures the agenda of city management meetings, awarding the Brno City Prizes.
  • Provides comprehensive service activities for the Mayor of Brno.
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Internal Audit and Inspection Department

  • Carries out audits in all areas of independent competence of the Statutory City of Brno (Brno City Municipality, Brno Municipal Police, municipal districts and contributory organizations established by the city).
  • Receives, assesses and handles complaints, proposals, comments, petitions and suggestions from citizens.
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Personnel Department

  • Is responsible for the employment agenda of Brno City Municipality employees, including HR, remuneration and training.
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Section of Chief Executive Director

Organizational Department

  • Provides legal advice and assistance to elected bodies, organizes their proceedings.
  • Ensures the protection of information and personal data within the Brno City Municipality.
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Internal Affairs Department

Defence Department

  • Ensures the activities of the security council and the crisis staff.
  • Ensures the overall agenda of war graves.
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Foreign Relations Department

  • Cooperates with the city management in receiving official foreign guests, coordinates cooperation with partner cities.
  • Provides translation and interpretation services for the City of Brno.
  • Information on international relations
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Administrative Activities Department

  •  Carries out the activities of the ID cards, travel documents, population register and permanent residence registration.
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Budget and Finance Department

  • Provides activities in the field of budgeting and financing of the City of Brno, maintains the bookkeeping of the Brno City Municipality.
  • Collects debts from the activities of the Brno City Municipality and from procedural fines of the Municipal Police.
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Brno City Archives

  • Takes care of archival materials arising from the activities of Brno city bodies and organizations and ensures the operation of the research room, i.e. searching for archival materials and confirming documents for further official meetings.
  • Carries out scientific, cultural and educational activities.
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Press Centre

  • Informs citizens about events in the city on the websites, and
  • Provides media communication, manages social networks.
  • Prepares articles and other regular press releases of the city, articles for the daily press and publications.
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First Section 

Health Department

  • Creates conditions for the development and support of health and pro-family policy on the territory of the Statutory City of Brno and for meeting the needs of citizens and families in this area.
  • Carries out the agenda of the founder, methodologically manages and controls the activities of the contributory organizations established by the city (Trauma Hospital Brno, Brothers of Mercy Hospital, Association of Health Facilities II Brno, Chovánek – a family-type children's centre).
  • Basic information on GP & emergency
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Sports Department

  • Provides subsidies to sports and physical education organizations and manages relevant sports facilities owned by the City of Brno.
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Education and Youth Department

  • Methodically manages and controls kindergartens, primary schools and independent school canteens in the territory of the Statutory City of Brno, creates conditions for leisure activities for children and youth, handles suggestions, complaints and notifications from citizens in the field of education, provides methodological assistance in booking, budgeting, accounting and management issues for all schools and educational institutions established by the city.
  • Basic information on schools
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Social Welfare Department

  • Comprehensively ensures the performance of activities in the field of social care in the City of Brno, helps citizens of the city in an unfavourable social situation through social work and coordination of the network of social services.
  • Carries out the agenda of the founder, methodically manages and controls the activities of the contributory organizations established by the city (13 organizations providing social services).
  • Basic information on social care
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Culture Department

  • Creates conditions for the development of culture on the territory of the Statutory City of Brno to meet the needs of citizens in this area.
  • Executes the agenda of the founder, methodically manages and controls the activities of contributory organizations established by the city (National theatre Brno, Brno City Theatre, Brno City Museum, House of Arts, Brno Philharmonic, Radost Theatre, CET).
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Monument Care Department

  • Performs the function of a state administration authority in the field of heritage care according to the Act on State Heritage Care in the administrative district of the Statutory City of Brno.
  • Ensures the prerequisites for the care of cultural monuments and other properties located in in the conservation area or the conservation zone on the territory of the City of Brno.
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Second Section

Environmental Department

  • Performs the function of a state administration authority in the field of environmental protection, air and waste.
  • Ensures the waste management of the city, administration of the municipal waste fee, development of urban greenery and parks, motivates citizens to act in an environmentally responsible manner through subsidies.
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Planning and Development Department

  • Performs for the Statutory City of Brno the competence of the planning authority under the Building Act.
  • Prepares spatial planning documentation and documents, prepares recommendatory statements on the disposition of the city's property, issues binding opinions of the spatial planning authority.
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Water and Forest Management and Agriculture Department

  • Performs the function of a state administration authority in the field of water management, forests, gamekeeping and agriculture in the administrative district of the Statutory City of Brno.
  • In cooperation with the company Lesy města Brna, a.s. (Brno City Forests) takes care of the recreational area of the Brno Dam and other recreational areas in the district of the Statutory City of Brno and the implementation of related projects.
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Strategic Development and Cooperation Department

  • Is responsible for the creation, evaluation and updating of the city's main strategic development document; implements cooperation projects with academia, business, non-profit organizations and international partners.
  • Is responsible for the creation, evaluation and updating of the Integrated Development Strategy of BMA (Brno metropolitan Area) for the application of the ITI instrument.
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Participation Department

  • Ensures the participatory budget agenda and coordinates its planning and implementation.
  • Performs the activity of the main data administrator and manages data analyses within the City of Brno.
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Marketing and Tourism Department

  • Manages and implements activities in the field of tourism, marketing and promotion of the city.
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Third Section

Housing Department

  • Provides conceptual and analytical materials in the field of housing in Brno.
  • Prepares sites for housing construction in Brno, prepares projects in the area of housing (cooperative, associational housing), implements urban housing construction, ensures its reconstruction and modernization.
  • Provides methodological guidance to the city districts in the area of housing, ensures the rental of municipal flats not entrusted to the city districts and the rental of flats for specific groups (starter flats, flats for single parents with children, social flats, flats in nursing homes, flats for the disabled).
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Property Management Department

  • Manages the buildings used for the administration of the city.  It also administers the property of the City of Brno, buildings and land not entrusted to the administration of the city districts. This includes a wide range of municipal property - operational buildings, residential and non-residential buildings, schools, industrial areas, green areas, gardens, agricultural land, but also some waterworks facilities.
  • Manages the economic agenda of the above mentioned residential and non-residential buildings and other premises.
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Property Department

  • Disposes of the city's property, including receivables and liabilities according to special regulations; prepares purchase and donation contracts, lease, tenancy, loan, etc., ensures the conclusion of these contracts and all acts on behalf of the Statutory City of Brno.
  • Prepares and ensures the management of the city's property and the conditions for its economic use.
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Land and Building Management Department

  • Performs state administration in the field of territorial decision-making and building regulations according to the Building Act.
  • In its capacity as a superior administrative body of building authorities in the territory of the City of Brno, it reviews the legality of decisions on the location and permitting of buildings and other administrative acts issued under the Building Act.
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Trade Licensing Office

  • Carries out state administration in the field of trade business within the scope provided by the Trade Licensing Act, in the area of notifiable trades (vocational, professional and unqualified trades) and permitted trades, and ensures the performance of the Single Contact Point (JKM).
  • Carries out control and supervisory activities in the field of trade business.
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Fourth Section

Investment Department

  • Represents the city as a builder and investor, including the financing and administration of the city's investment construction contracts.
  • Provides all expert activities including issuing opinions in the field of water management, public lighting and collectors, establishes easements to technical networks, coordinates repairs and closures.
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European Funds Implementation Department

  • Coordinates the process of preparing projects and applications for grants from EU funds and national programmes.
  • Oversees the implementation of projects and, once completed, monitors compliance with the conditions set out in the grant agreement.
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Transportation Department

  • Ensures the administration and development of roads and the organization and development of individual transport, public transport and parking in Brno.
  • Ensures the administrative agenda in the areas of road management (class II and class III roads and selected local roads), traffic signing, traffic and railway administration, taxi services and issuing permits in the resident parking system.
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Traffic Offences Department

  • Handles traffic offences.
  • Handles driving licence withdrawal proceedings.
  • Orders reviews of medical fitness and qualification to drive.
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Vehicles and Drivers Register Department

  • Keeps a register of driving licences and drivers.
  • Provides for examination of driving licence applicants’ qualification.
  • Decides on registrations to operate driving schools.
  • Keeps a register of road vehicles.
  • Approves the roadworthiness of vehicles.
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Municipal IT Department

  • Ensures and coordinates the development of informatics in Brno.
  • Is responsible for ensuring the operation, maintenance and security of the municipal computer network and the connection points of the city districts, provides comprehensive user support.
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Municipal Energy Division

  • Ensures the energy management of the City of Brno.
  • Enforces a comprehensive fuel and energy policy in the area of supplies for municipal organizations and citizens.
  • Develops the City’s Territorial Energy Strategy and provides for its implementation.

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