Waste Tax - Brno EN

Waste Tax

Do you plan to stay in Brno longer than three months? Then you are obligated to pay the same fee for municipal waste as citizens of the Czech Republic do. This obligation applies to all foreigners regardless their nationality, including citizens of Ukraine. And what if you are renting a flat? Please note that it is you, not the landlord or the property owner, who has to pay for the waste.

Waste may seem a minor issue but you could get into unnecessary trouble for not paying it. That is why we offer you here an overview of the waste payment system in Brno – how the payment is done, how to register, etc.

Register and pay

Here, we recommend you a convenient online option. You can simply open an account and fill in the form for reporting the stay of the foreigner(s) in Brno. Please note that the fee for waste in Brno is not paid for the household as a whole, but for each member of the household (except for certain groups, e.g. children under four or seniors over 70 years of age). After registration, you can pay either directly through the e-shop or by bank transfer. If you have a Czech identification number (“rodné číslo”), use it as the variable symbol (do not use the number given by your health insurance company). All at: www.brnoid.cz/en/waste. (On this website you can also buy an annual card for public transport.)      
And if, apart from living in Brno, you have also invested into another flat or house in Brno where no one is registered, you are obliged to pay the fee also for this property.

Are you going to change your address during your stay in Brno?

Although the fee for waste collection in Brno is paid per person (and so not associated with one specific address in Brno), it is necessary to announce a change of your address. All you have to do is to send an e-mail to odpady@brno.cz (feel free to send an e-mail in English) including your new address.

Are you leaving Brno?

Do not forget to log out and let us know about it at odpady@brno.cz. This is important because otherwise the office would automatically assume that you will continue to pay and you would incur a debt. So how do you unsubscribe? Again, just fill in an online form: fill in the form within 15 days of your departure (in addition, you can request a refund for the overpayment if it resulted from the termination of your stay). If you arranged your residence permit at a relevant office and have an official document about it, remember to also cancel your residence there; otherwise, your residence – as well as the obligation to pay for the waste tax – will still exist. 

Waste recycling in Brno

It is mandatory, and you will see that people deal with it a lot. In addition to traditional recyclables such as paper, glass and plastics, you can recycle practically anything in Brno: toys, clothes, electronics, etc. You can take old medicines to any pharmacy, for example, and it will take care of the disposal. This application will show you the nearest place on the map where you can recycle. 

Detailed information in English can be found also on the website of Brno Expat Centre.