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Public Transport

Tram, bus, trolleybus or boat. You can use all these means of transport when travelling around Brno. The local public transport system is one of the most diverse and sophisticated in the world. To help you get around without worry, we'll tell you where to buy tickets, when it's worth buying an annual pass and how to make contactless fare payments.

How to buy a single ticket for public transport?

In Brno, you can choose from several basic tickets depending on the length of your journey. The shortest and cheapest is a 15-minute ticket for 20 CZK; a 60-minute ticket costs 25 CZK, and for longer journeys you can use a 90-minute ticket for 27 CZK. You can buy your ticket from vending machines at bus and tram stops, in newsagents or directly in the carriages. Each time you board the vehicle, just tap your contactless bank card against the validator and the system will charge you an hourly ticket for 25 CZK. This is the easiest and most used option. If you want a shorter ticket for 20 CZK, you have to beep on exit as well. You can also purchase a ticket for a passenger or another fare option directly on the validator. Details can be found on the website.

How do I buy an annual pass for public transport, the so-called "šalinkarta"?

If you're staying in Brno for a long time, we definitely recommend buying a travel pass, which locals call šalinkarta. For some people, a monthly or even quarterly pass is enough, but you can save the most on an annual pass. You can buy one at brnoid.  An annual season ticket comes with lots of benefits – for example, you can take another adult and up to three children under 15 for free on weekends. You can take your dog or luggage for free with any season ticket.

Did you know that if you pay for municipal waste in Brno, you can apply for a subsidy for a šalinkarta?

That's right, if you pay for municipal waste in Brno (either as a citizen or a property owner), you can apply for a grant of 1,425 CZK for an electronic annual šalinkarta for zones 100 and 101. The annual fare will then cost you 3325 CZK, which is 9 CZK per day. You can arrange everything in English conveniently online here.

Fare discounts that might interest you

The Brno City Transport Company, which operates public transport in Brno, offers a number of interesting benefits. As a companion of a child under 3 years old you can travel for free – more here. If you buy an all-day ticket for 90 CZK, two people can use it at the weekend – and it really pays off! Passengers over the age of 70 travel for free in Brno, they just need to show their ID or passport in the event of a ticket inspection.

How to travel beyond the city limits?

In the South Moravian Region, trains, regional buses as well as municipal public transport fall under a common integrated system (under the abbreviation IDS JMK). No matter what type of transport or the transport company – you can travel by train, bus or "šalina" (tram) with the same ticket. (You can recognize the trains included in the JMK IDS by the letter S or R.) Everything you need to know about the JMK IDS can be found here.

Even at night, you won't be left high and dry. Seven days a week you can ride night buses in Brno. What does it mean?

A true rarity of Brno, which you won't find in any other city in the Czech Republic or anywhere else in the world, delivers night passengers from one point in the center to all parts of the city. 22 buses meet every hour at night at "Hlavák" (Main Railway Station). They take passengers to all corners of the city. Night buses operate from 11pm until 5am. You can find the night transport connections here.