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Social Care

The Social Welfare Department aims its activities at finding solutions to unfavourable social situations. One of the main goals of social work is providing basic social counselling. If you currently face a difficult life situation, you can contact them for help.

How does the help work?

  • monitoring and recognising the life situation
  • providing advice on how to resolve this situation
  • assistance in applications for various types of social benefits (e.g. care allowance)
  • comprehensive information on the offer of suitable social services (e.g. care services, housing for the elderly)
  • arranging contact with other organizations that focus on helping in specific difficult situations

At the Social Welfare Department, you can use the SOCIO INFO POINT counselling office (Koliště 19), which helps you find solutions to unfavourable social situations in various fields of life, such as social services, social benefits, housing, work etc. There you will get an overview of possible further assistance.

There are also social workers who can help specifically with the process of requesting social benefits, writing a proposal in the case of the breakup of the family, finding adequate housing or a suitable social service, etc.

You can also find suitable information in our handbook for foreigners, where you can conveniently find all basic data. You can download it here, under the name Guide for foreign nationals in Brno (Arabic, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese versions are also available). 


These advisors can help you with counselling in various languages:

Arabic, English
Karin Atassi
Anenská 10
Phone: +420 608 955 226

Martina Špicová
Anenská 10
Phone: +420 778 492 600

Romanian, Moldovan
Alexandru Ceban
Anenská 10
Phone: +420 608 955 218

Russian, Ukrainian
Kateryna Hertlová
Anenská 10
Phone: +420 608 955 216