Lost & Found - Brno EN

Lost & Found

You would be surprised how many forgotten things can be found in Brno. We will suggest where to look when you have lost something in Brno. It depends on what the item is and where you lost it / where it was found.

  • Lost & Found at the Filing Office (Podatelna – Ztráty a nálezy), Internal Affairs Department of Brno City Municipality, Malinovského náměstí 3 – lost objects found in Brno are stored here – mostly in cases when it’s not possible to identify who it belongs to. If you find, for example, an umbrella, a rucksack, a phone or jewellery etc. on a bench in a park, please bring it here (you will find the lost property office on the ground floor, door number 04, e-mail: posta@brno.cz.

  • Foreign Police Department of the Police Regional Head Office of the South Moravian Region, Kounicova 24, Brno – here, look for lost documents and all the objects with your personal data. When citizens hand in, for example, a passport or a lost wallet of a foreigner to the municipal police, they pass it on to the foreign police.
  • Brno City Transport Company – have you lost something on a tram or other means of public transport? Finders hand over the object to the driver, who at the end of his shift hands it over to the appropriate dispatch centre (Medlánky, Pisárky, Husovice, Slatina and Komín). Other items are stored at the Information Office at Novobranská 18.
  • Objects forgotten/lost on a train – did you leave anything onboard a Czech Railways train (including the Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region = IDS JMK)? The finder either handed it over to the conductor or he entered it into the national database of finds (which can be switched into English and also contains objects found elsewhere). Try to find your object there – we hope you’re successful!