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Driving Licence

Information for foreign nationals

Having met conditions stipulated by law, you can apply, for example, for the following at the Brno City Municipality:

  • Granting a driving licence or higher category entitlements to your licence
  • Exchange of a driving licence (European driving licence, foreign driving licence)
  • Issuing of a replacement driving licence for a lost one (European driving licence)
  • Entering of professional qualification in a driving licence or issuing of a professional qualification card
  • Issuing of a digital tachograph driver card

Our recommendation for applicants – foreigners without permanent residence:

Please come with an interpreter to the drivers’ registry counter for a consultation and information before starting your lessons at the driving school, filing your application for exchange of a foreign driving licence, or application for issuing of a professional qualification card or digital tachograph driver card.

Please bring your current driving licence, identity card (passport) and residence permit with you so that we can find out:

  • whether the obligation to exchange your foreign driving licence applies to you
    (Article 116, para 3 of the Act No. 361/2000 Coll. on Road Traffic)

According to the Act on Stay of Aliens in the Czech Republic, a holder of a driving licence issued by a foreign country who has a permanent or temporary residence (for more than 1 year) in the Czech Republic is obliged to apply for an exchange of a driving licence issued by a foreign country within 3 months.  

Please note that the foreign driving licence needs to be issued in line with the Vienna (1968) or Geneva (1949) Convention on Road Traffic.

  • whether your foreign driving licence entitles you to drive motor vehicles in the Czech Republic
    (Article 104, para 1 c) of the Act No. 361/2000 Coll. on Road Traffic)
  • whether the obligation applies to you to prove your usual domicile when filing your application
     (Article 2 hh of the Act No. 361/2000 Coll. on Road Traffic)

hh) The usual domicile in the Czech Republic is the place or a permanent residence of a physical person in the area of the Czech Republic or, if the person does not have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic, a place in the Czech Republic where the physical person:

  1. stays for at least 185 days in a calendar year for personal bonds, which means especially cohabitation in a common household, family bonds, ownership or rent of property, and possibly also for the purpose of business, self-employment or dependent work in the Czech Republic, or
  2. stays for personal bonds and returns to this place regularly although performing business, self-employment or dependent work in another state, unless the performance of such activity in another state is for a limited period.

The issue of granting or exchange of a driving licence, or of proving the usual domicile is complex and it is not possible to define a precise list of documents that an applicant needs to meet this condition.

You can come for this consultation both with or without a prior electronic reservation (in Czech only).

Further information

The official language is Czech. We can provide you with basic information in English at orvr(at)brno(dot)cz; please arrange for an interpreter for telephone or personal contact.

If an administrative fee (set by the Act No. 634/2004 Coll. on Administrative Fees) applies to you, you will be informed of it at the consultation.


Odbor registru vozidel a řidičů (Vehicles and Drivers Register Department)
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