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City of Brno’s websites – use of cookies and analytics

Websites of the City of Brno are an important information tool for us. The City of Brno is the administrator of websites (hereinafter referred to as websites or pages) of the following types:

  1. pages on the second-level domain and all related subpages,
  2. pages on third-level domains (typically the address * and subpages * within various projects used by individual departments,
  3. some other pages with the title *, *, brno*.cz and their subpages, exceptionally also pages not containing the name of the city, for example

There may be names of domains containing “brno” or on a different domain than “*.cz” that may, however, belong to different private or public entities.

All websites run by the City of Brno contain information where the administrator of these websites is the City of Brno, city districts of Brno, or departments or organizations established by the City of Brno. This information is located in the footer, heading or contacts. Some services offered on the City of Brno’s websites require the processing of personal data. Simple processing operations include, for example, mailing news to an e-mail address entered by the user. In this case of simple processing, the user is always informed directly in the form and to the extent specified by GDPR about the purpose of processing of the personal data and what happens with it. In the case of more complex processing of personal data, the user is always referred to detailed information on the processing of the personal data on the page or a special page within the above-mentioned domains.

Use of cookies

Our pages of the “A” type use technical cookies only (also called functional, strictly necessary, or essential; on our website it is typically LFR_SESSION_STATE_20102 with expiration at end of session) that do not require the user’s consent with use. If other pages use also statistical, analytical, or other cookies collecting personally identifiable information, they announce such activity with elements such as cookies bars or pop-up windows. In accordance with legislation in force, such use requires the user’s consent with the use of non-technical cookies.

Transferring to third parties

No information collected by the above-mentioned tools is transferred without the user’s knowledge, and if required, without their consent, to third countries. We never transfer personal data for purposes of direct marketing.

In the case of online forms, the recipients of information can be their processors (on pages of the “A” type, the processor is Asseco CE). In this case, we will inform the user before submitting the personal data at the latest. Such information is not used repeatedly for a different purpose than mentioned.

Google Analytics

Google tools for marketing tracking of website users’ behaviour are not used on pages of the “A” type. Their use on pages of other types is also limited and should such a tool for analytical purposes be used, it is for improving the website’s functionality. In that case, the user is informed about it and their voluntary consent is required. Sometimes the use of Google Analytics can be found in cookies, which is without the administrator’s contribution due to use of the Chrome browser. Users can restrict such behaviour through the browser settings – see below.

Other analytical tools

To improve the functionality of pages, we collect anonymised aggregated statistical data with the Matomo tool. The inner mechanisms of this tool anonymise the data without recording any personal data, and therefore without the need of consent.

Do you want to change the cookie settings in your browser?

Browsers allow for blocking from storing cookies in the user’s computer. In that case, the functionality of some pages may be reduced. Information on settings of cookie storage in individual browsers can be found on the respective browser provider’s website: