Parking - Brno EN


As in most large cities, parking in the centre of Brno is a bit tricky. You cannot leave your car just anywhere in the city centre without obeying local parking rules, no matter if you live there or if you need to leave your car just for a while. Where should you park your car so that you do not risk a fine or have your car towed away? We will advise you on the conditions for entering the city centre, where to find reliable parking or how to check the free capacity of car parks.

  • Parking zones – perhaps you have noticed the blue road markings in the centre. This is the parking system in Brno. Zone A in the historical centre can be entered by car only with a permit. In zones B and C you can park with a resident’s or subscriber’s permit or pay for the fee at a parking metre on the spot (zone B only), via an app or SMS. The first hour of a weekday is for free, and during weekends the whole day is free of charge. The system of coloured parking is explained in detail on the website.
  • Entering the city centre – drivers are not allowed to enter the historic zone A without a permit. The only exception applies to the Veselá area which is possible to drive through, but with no parking allowed. Detailed information on what permit you need and where to get it:
  • Car parks and multi-storey parking – are there any in the city centre? How much are the fees? Are there any free places? The cheapest car parks suitable also for whole-day parking are the Park and Ride facilities by the Central Cemetery or next to Zetor in Líšeň, but you need to use public transport to get to the city centre from there. Right in the city centre, there are car parks and multi-storeys at various places, some of them offering the first half-hour free of charge. Their addresses and current free capacity can be found at
  • Car parks by supermarkets and shopping centres – is it possible to park there for free? Some larger grocery stores (such as TESCO, Lidl, Albert, Billa, Penny, etc.) have car parks where you can park for free for a certain period of time. This works for supermarkets both on the outskirts and in the city centre. Parking by large shopping centres and hobby markets is free of charge on the outskirts; parking by department stores in the city centre is paid for during weekdays. A large parking capacity directly in the city centre is in the Vaňkovka shopping centre: