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How to sort – containers by colour

Blue containers

Blue containers are used for various types of sorted paper – newspapers, magazines, office paper, flyers, books (without hard covers), notebooks, boxes, paperboard, cardboard, paper packaging, egg boxes, toilet paper rolls. It is not necessary to remove staples or envelope windows.

Yellow containers

Yellow containers are used for plastic packaging and beverage cartons; and in Brno, also for food metal packaging.

Plastic packaging: PET bottles, cups, food boxes, cosmetics or detergent plastic packaging, sacks, bags, plastic films, plastic products.

Polystyrene: smaller pieces.

Beverage cartons: from dairy products, ready-to-cook food and juices.

Metal packaging for food: beverage or food cans, coffee or tea cans, non-perishable food packaging, feed packaging, yoghurt lids, aluminium foil, trays, sterilized food lids, small metal packaging.

Green and white containers

Green and white containers are used for clear and coloured glass.

Clear glass: clear glasses from jams, conserves and ketchups (without food and liquid remains), broken glasses, bottles from both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Coloured glass: bottles from both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, coloured glass, door or window sheet glass (even if clear).

Underground containers

Underground containers – same as the coloured ones. The only difference is the mixed container for clear and coloured glass.

White containers

White containers are used for textile and clothes – all clothes, pairs of shoes, toys, bags, household linen (curtains, bed covers, table covers).

Bio containers

Bio containers are used for biodegradable waste – food or leftovers of plant origin, peels, vegetable and fruit offcuts, cores, indoor plants, flower pot soil, coffee grounds.