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Point of Single Contact

The Point of Single Contact (PSC) is a public service that provides entrepreneurs with information on starting and running a business in the service sector.

The EU Services Directive defines a service as any self-employed economic activity, normally provided for remuneration.

The PSCs are part of the European EUGO network. In Czechia they are parts of 15 trade licensing offices in regional capitals.


Information services include

  • information necessary to gain a licence for provision of services in Czechia, including identification of competent authority, procedures, conditions for gaining the licence, application process, required documents, time limits and fees,
  • general information on provision of services in other member states of the EU, EEA and Switzerland, including identification of competent authority, qualification requirements and procedures,
  • general information on legal remedies and settlement of disputes, including non-judicial means of dispute settlement and procedures,
  • general information on consumer protection, including warranty periods and consumer rights of making claims,
  • contact information for European, governmental and non-governmental organisations providing assistance and help for service providers and recipients.


Intermediary services include

The PSCs can be contacted in person, by phone, by e-mail or by an online form at the BusinessInfo.cz website.

The information and intermediary services of the PSCs are free of charge.

The PSCs do not provide legal advice and cannot solve individual problems and disputes.


Do you need to learn more? Please see “Useful Links” or contact our employees:

Mr Ctirad Los, los.ctirad@brno.cz, phone +420 542 173 344
Ms Radana Stýblová, styblova.radana@brno.cz, phone +420 542 173 375

Magistrát města Brna (Brno City Municipality)
Živnostenský úřad města Brna (Trade Licensing Office of Brno City)
Malinovského nám. 3, 601 67 Brno, 4th floor

E-mail: jkm@brno.cz
Czech website: Jednotné kontaktní místo

Appointments can be made via www.brno.cz/w/online-objednani-zu => Přeshraniční poskytování služeb v EU (JKM).