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Useful Links

Ministry of Industry and Trade – central authority for the area of trades => see section Business => Licensed Trades or visit the Licenced Trades Portal

Brno Expat Centre – free public service supported by the City of Brno, helping foreign professionals => see section I’M AN EXPAT => I WANT TO DO BUSINESS – official website for business and export 

Czech Social Security Administration – authority dealing with social security premiums, pensions, sickness, maternity benefits etc. => see section Self-Employed Persons

Health Insurance Bureau – association of all Czech public health insurance companies, the authorities administrating health insurance contributions

Financial Administration – English website of Czech financial/tax authorities

Czech Trade Inspection Authority – inspects entrepreneurs’ abidance by consumer protection regulation etc. => see section For businesses

Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic – association of professionals providing services, advice and representing entrepreneurs in areas of accountancy, taxes, social security and health insurance => to find a tax advisor, type your postal code and choose Hledat

Notarial Chamber of the Czech Republic – association of notaries who execute founding acts of new legal entities, make entries in the commercial register, legalize signatures, verify documents etc.

Czech Bar Association – association of professionals providing legal services, advice and representing entrepreneurs before authorities, legalizing signatures etc.

CzechTrade – government international trade promotion agency

CzechInvest – government business and investment development agency

Product contact point (ProCoP) – offers advice on the principle of mutual recognition in the EU internal market and provides information mainly on the technical requirements imposed on the products by EU Member States

SOLVIT Network – deals with cross-border problems between a business or a citizen on one hand and a national public authority on the other, where there is possible misapplication of EU law