Why Study in Brno?

Brno is a city full of students, almost 65,000 of them study at local universities and form an integral part of local life. Do you study IT, art, journalism, geography, biology, medicine or architecture? None of this is a problem. At 5 public, 1 state and 4 private schools, almost everything can be studied. And the students love it here. The city regularly ranks at the top of the QS Ranking in the popularity category among students. In 2020, we were the 6th most popular city for students in the world.

But entertainment is not everything, Brno is also ideal for professional development. Thanks to the number of scientific and research centres, there is nothing easier than to continue in a scientific career even after obtaining a degree in biology, medicine, IT, robotics or automation. Are you attracted to IT? No problem – attend the Czechitas course and work for one of the many local companies. Did you know that 35 % of electron microscopes are made in Brno? And did you also know that we have created companies that are so far along in space technology that they are revolutionizing the help of getting cubesats into space, or that they are collaborating with ESA on the next mission to Mars? Check out the "Work" section to find out more!