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Why do business in Brno?

There are many reasons for choosing the second-largest city in the Czech Republic as your business and investment address. The city has a population of 400,000 inhabitants and is also very conveniently located near three main Central European cities – Prague, Bratislava and Vienna. There is also an airport. Brno is widely known as the Silicon Valley of Central Europe.

We are leaders in different fields

Brno has gained a reputation as the country's best location for advanced technologies in the following areas:

  • Information and telecommunication technologies – e.g. global giant Avast Corporation is established here.
  • Electron microscopy – one third of global electron microscope production takes place in Brno.  
  • Mechanical engineering (Industry 4.0).
  • Aircraft and aerospace industry – inventions from Brno can be found e.g. in the VEGA rocket or Boeing airplane.
  • Life sciences – the most comprehensive diagnostics of Lyme disease comes from Brno.
  • Creative industry – there is the unique hub KUMST BRNO designed specifically for creators.

Business meets science here

Brno is one of the most progressive centres of science and innovation in Central Europe. There are scientific research institutions (e.g. CEITEC) mainly in the field of biology, medical science, materials research and nanotechnology. These workplaces are among the most successful in Europe in obtaining international grants.

There are smart people here

From the point of view of employers, Brno is one of the most favourable addresses in the Czech Republic. The level of qualification here is one of the highest in the country. Almost 65,000 students study here at public universities. The offer of high-quality higher education attracts people to Brno not only from the Czech Republic and Slovakia – it is a university and cosmopolitan city. The integration of qualified workers from abroad and their family members is supported through the Brno Expat Centre.

We support innovations and cooperate within the region

In Brno, "everyone knows everyone". It is its size and compactness that allows us to work closely with all stakeholders, build a quality ecosystem and increase the competitiveness of the entire region. Together with the South Moravian Region, local universities and the business sector, we participate in the creation and implementation of the Regional Innovation Strategy of the South Moravian Region, the first generation of which came into the world in 2002 (as the first innovation strategy in the Czech Republic).

We support entrepreneurs

Through the innovation agency JIC (South Moravian Innovation Centre), we support local start-ups and well-established companies to grow and further develop. We also cooperate with the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce, with which we help small and medium-sized enterprises find business partners and successfully enter international markets.

We think of the future

Brno has a vision. Especially thanks to the involvement of the general public, the document Strategy Brno 2050 was created. It defines the values and goals for the long-term development of the city. Brno thinks of the environment – it has joined the Covenant of Mayors for Energy and Climate. Brno has committed itself to reducing CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030 and increasing resilience to the impacts of climate change. And the city works on it together with the local business and academic sectors!

Brno has a high quality of life

The Czech Republic is one of the safest countries in the world. In Brno, high-quality medical services are available to everyone. The city offers wonderful opportunities for leisure for lovers of culture, sports and gastronomy. The #brnoregion is a unique combination of two worlds: the big one, which includes business, industry and politics, and the small one, which is domestic, personal and friendly. It is an ideal place to create and live.

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