Support Links for Foreign Citizens - Brno EN

Support Links for Foreign Citizens

There are organizations or web portals in South Moravia and in Brno that help expats to live well here. Below, we recommend you institutions where you will get useful advice for most essential situations that a foreigner might encounter during their life in Brno.

  • South Moravian Centre for Integration
    The South Moravian Region supports the integration of foreigners into society. The Centre will recommend you free Czech language courses, accompany you to meetings with authorities, advise you on housing and help you choose school facilities for your children. And there is also a calendar of events for foreigners as well as social and legal counselling, etc. And if you need anything else that you can't find on their website, feel free to contact them – their consultants will be happy to help you.
  • Brno Expat Centre
    The Centre helps skilled foreign professionals and their families make a new home in Brno, whether they are living here already or are planning a move in the future. Be sure to go through the guide where you will find practical advice for situations such as looking for a job or losing a job, or learn about family benefits in Brno, about schools where foreigners meet, or learn what to do when life gets a little complicated.
    Web providing useful information on boarding and transport in Brno as well as list of topical events to go, places to see, and stuff to enjoy, eat and drink.
  • South Moravian region
    Brno is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, amazing nature, and fantastic sights. If you want to set out on a trip as a well-informed tourist, check this out.
  • Foreigners
    Foreigners are a friendly agency providing complex relocation services for expats starting with an apartment rental or purchase, through immigration assistance (visa, employee card, residence permit), health insurance, transportation, and moving all the way to translation, language courses, or business consultations.
  • Internations
    InterNations provides tools for making connections with fellow expats and adjusting to the way of life in Brno.