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Scientific research centres in Brno

Brno is one of the most progressive centres of science and innovation in Central Europe. There are scientific and research institutions mainly in the fields of biology, medical sciences, materials research and nanotechnology. Local scientific workplaces are among the most successful in the Czech Republic and Europe in obtaining international grants.

 The most important scientific and research centres:

  • CEITEC – Central European Institute of Technology focused on the field of life sciences, advanced materials and nanotechnologies, connecting the workplaces of six Brno universities and research institutions),
  • CzechGlobe or Global Change Research Institute of the CAS – focused on the issue of ecological sciences and global change, which by its nature affects the functioning of the atmosphere, ecosystem and society,
  • FNUSA-ICRC at the University Hospital at St. Anny conducts clinical, translational and basic research for the early diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and neurological diseases,
  • The Brno part of IT4Innovations at the Faculty of Information Technology of BUT focuses on the recognition and presentation of information from multimedia data, secure and reliable network architecture,
  • AdMaS at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of BUT carries out research and development of advanced building materials, structures and technologies,
  • ALISI at the Institute of Instrumentation of the CAS develops applied diagnostic methods,
  • CETOCOEN, as part of the RECETOX Centre at Masaryk University, investigates the toxic effects of chemicals and natural toxins on living organisms and evaluates environmental risks,
  • NETME Centre at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering BUT is dedicated to the development of advanced technologies for mechanical engineering.

Brno is also successful in developing important projects that expand the possibilities for cooperation with partners from the Czech Republic and abroad to strengthen excellence in selected topics and to improve infrastructure.

The Centre for Research on Toxic Substances in the Environment of Masaryk University (RECETOX) not only actively cooperates with the City of Brno on the transfer of information from their research to the urban environment, but has also registered great success in obtaining grants in three H2020 SEWP calls (concerning the support of less efficient countries in the field of research and innovation, the so-called Widening Countries), which no other entity across Europe has yet managed to do. CEITEC BUT is one of the world leaders in research in the field of advanced nanotechnologies and advanced materials. One of the most ambitious projects at CEITEC BUT is RICAIP, a unique research and experimental workplace of industrial production, artificial intelligence and industrial robotics, the first of its kind in Europe! The RICAIP project, as well as the CETOCOEN recetox centres, is one of the so-called RECETOX centres.  

Scientific and Research Centres in Brno

With the contribution of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), local universities and public research institutions have developed a number of scientific and research capacities in the 2007–2013 programming period, namely four centres of excellence and eleven application-oriented regional centres. Institutions act independently to a certain extent, but they are still organizational units of universities and public research institutions. Thanks to the size of the investments and the robust selection mechanism, these centres were, among other things, an important impulse for the development of regional and Czech research.

For the sake of clarity, we rank individual research centres according to the institutions under which they fall organizationally.  Sorting by fields or location can be viewed in our map application.

Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) Centre of Excellence (CEITEC MUNI, CEITEC BUT, CEITEC MENDELU, CEITEC VFU, CEITEC IMP, CEITEC VRI)


Application-oriented regional centres

At Brno University of Technology

Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication

Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Civil Engineering

More about research centres at Brno University of Technology:

At Masaryk University

Faculty of Science MUNI

At the Masaryk Cancer Institute

At the Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine, v. v. i.

At the Institute of Instrumentation AS CR, v.v.i. in Brno


Public research institutions

Brno is home to a number of research centres operating at public research institutions – ministries and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, University Hospital u sv. Anna in Brno

Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic

Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


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