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Municipal Police

It is often difficult for foreigners to become familiar with the structure of Czech police forces. In the Czech Republic, the safety of persons and their property and the maintenance of public order are taken care of by both the Police of the Czech Republic and the municipal police. The Police of the Czech Republic are the so-called "state" police because they operate throughout the country. In some cases, their status and powers vary considerably. You will encounter the municipal police in Brno more often, so we are going to provide you with more detailed information about them. The telephone number for the municipal police is 156 (for the state police it is 158).

What are the main tasks of the Brno Municipal Police?

The primary task is to ensure local matters of public order. What is meant by that? The municipal police do not investigate crimes like the Police of the Czech Republic do (but in the course of its work it will, of course, deal with the crimes and intervene to the extent necessary). Instead, they oversee compliance with ordinances and public notices, the rules of civil coexistence, the cleanliness of public space and traffic rules in the municipality. They contribute to the protection and safety of persons and property and to the prevention of crime. They detect and punish certain misdemeanours.

Have you found a slip of paper under the windscreen wiper of your car?

The procedure is simple: within 5 working days, the person who parked the vehicle at the site should arrive at the Municipal Police station mentioned in the notification.

When can a municipal police officer order the towing of a vehicle?

They can order it in the case of a vehicle forming an obstacle on the road. The law defines an obstacle to road traffic as anything that could jeopardize the safety or smoothness of road traffic. They can also order the towing of a vehicle which is standing illegally in a reserved parking space. The towing of the vehicle is decided by a police officer on the spot. The vehicle is removed at the expense of its operator.

When can a police officer use a wheel clamp to prevent your vehicle from leaving?

They can when you leave the vehicle in a place where parking or stopping is prohibited and where it does not form an immediate obstacle, as in the case of the aforementioned towing. The officer can also put the wheel clamp on in a place where entry is prohibited by local or temporary traffic regulations on roads, when the vehicle stands on the sidewalk where it is not allowed, or if the vehicle has taken unauthorized occupation of a public space and its driver is not present on the spot.

City Animal Shelter

Have you lost your dog or your cat in Brno? Contact line 156. Or do you want to find a new four-legged friend from the shelter? Foreigners are often surprised, but really the Brno Metropolitan Police also run a shelter. They capture and receive abandoned and stray animals found in Brno. The shelter was built by the city – you can find it just a short walk from Brno Zoo. And if you just love animals, the shelter is very active on social media (on Instagram or Facebook).